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Broadband and
fiper to your home


Up to 100Mbit

Prices from {{fromPriceKopar}} kr./mo.


Up to 1000Mbit

Prices from {{fromPriceFipur}} kr./mo.

Mobile Data

Up to 750 GB/mo.

Prices from {{fromPriceFarnet}} kr./mo.

{{selectedPackage.title}} Mbit


{{selectedPackage.title}} Mbit

{{ calcPrice(selectedPackage.price) }} kr./mo.

Min. price: {{getMinPrice()}} kr.

+298 202020

We are currently unable to retrieve and check your address at the moment.
Please contact us on phone: +298 202020 or by email:

Bundle and save money

Bundle and save money. Get a 50 kr. discount each month if you bundle mobile and broadband from Nema.

Type your address in the field above and see which broadband options are available on your address.

Possible line fees on kr./mo. are excluded in displayed prices. Possible line fees on kr./mo. are excluded in displayed prices. You can get speeds up to {{selectedAddress.Download}}/{{selectedAddress.Upload}} Mbit with the right equipment. Contact us (+298 20 20 20) for more information.

All internet services

Mobile Broadband

400 GB – 419 kr/mðn.

600 GB – 449 kr/mðn.

800 GB – 499 kr/mðn.


100/100 – 426 kr/mðn.

200/200 – 446 kr/mðn.

300/300 – 466 kr/mðn.

500/500 – 526 kr/mðn.

1000/1000 – 626 kr/mðn.

Prísurin er uttan linjugjald á 158,75 kr/mðr.


5/0,5 – 395 kr/mðn.

10/1 – 449 kr/mðn.

20/5 – 456 kr/mðn.

40/5 – 475 kr/mðn.

50/10 – 486 kr/mðn.

75/10 – 496 kr/mðn.

100/20 – 526 kr/mðn.

Prísurin er uttan linjugjald á 87,50 kr/mðr.

Fiper and Copper may come with added fees – Fiper: 158,00 kr/mo. & Copper: 87,50 kr/mo.

Bundle and save money

Mobile Broadband

A popular choice for those who want an easy and simple solution that you can use at home and on the go.

– Cheapest broadband solution
– No extra fee’s
– No installation
– No Cables
– Instant delivery

Call us today or visit one of our shops in Tórshavn or Klaksvík if you would like to know more.

Fiber to the home

Fiber is currently the fastest and most stable internet connection available.

Does your address not support fiper? (check on top of this page)
Then follow us here and on Facebook to get the latest updates.

New addresses are added to the fiber list each month. Click the button below to see the fiber development plan (Faroese Only).

Any questions or doubts? Get in touch

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